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ND Leading Ladies Luncheons

In Celebration of Women's History Month

Center for Technology & Business holds two Leading Ladies Luncheons annually to Celebrate Women’s History Month featuring women panelists representing a variety of historic roles in the state. The luncheons honor women who have made an impact on the history of North Dakota and are held in Fargo and Bismarck in March.

The intent of the luncheons is to create a very intimate experience with audience participation and open discussion among the panelists about their experiences as women leaders of varying backgrounds. “We have women representing education, private sector, non profit, tribal, political and military leadership roles. This is truly a unique experience to celebrate the accomplishments of women from all walks of life in North Dakota. Our hope is to inspire other women to believe that they too can make a difference in the lives of others.” Explained Center for Technology & Business Executive Director, Deb Eslinger.


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Comments from attendees:

"It was a great event! Can't wait for next year!"

"You can tell that a lot of thought went in to choosing the individuals for this first panel! Great job to those who chose them and great job to the speakers!!!"

"Very empowering event.... Great way to start my day. Thanks!"

"The panelists this year were fabulous!"

"I was very impressed with the whole event...it's wonderful to hear other women's stories..."

"Fantastic event...looking forward to next year!"

"I thought the panel was very interesting. The overall event was excellent. Thank you!"

"It was wonderful. Inspiring. Affirming."

"Great event! Look forward to attending again."

"I was honored to be in front of these women. Even though they just discussed their lives and their personal stories, it was so interesting to hear how they made it and where they came from!"

"It was a very wonderful event, great to network with new individuals that I met at my table. Congrats to all your success of this event."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the event - interesting and inspiring - thank you!!"

"It was great. Well done. I'm glad I went."

"I thought it was a very inspirational event and the speakers were enjoyable to listen to."

"This panel was outstanding, I wish I would have written down some of their quotes."

"Great group of women selected to speak! They were all enlightening, funny, genuine, and profound. Great event."

"Thanks for the amazing, wonderful & fun break from busy-ness; Leading Ladies Luncheon. It fed my heart & soul."

"Fabulous event, amazing women on the panel (I have a page full of quotes from Sister Thomas) and the room was also filled with great women! Thank you for making this event possible....I am looking forward to next year!"

"Congratulations on the great event today! It was truly a pleasure to hear from the outstanding panel of women leaders. I'm hoping that it will become an annual event. Thank you for the opportunity."

"Great event! Thanks for the opportunity to attend!"

"A GREAT event! Looking forward to next year!"

"This was a great luncheon! Thank you for doing this!"