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Earth-Kind, Inc.

Owned by Kari Warberg Block

EarthKind, Inc. is USA-based developer and manufacturer of the CPG pest repellents Fresh Cab® and Stay Away®. Our revolutionary, retail-ready brands pest-proof a customer’s property naturally, without mess or harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around kids and pets, and delivering a 90% repeat purchase rate, plus add-on opportunities that grow the category. EarthKind is an Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing company, the #1 Brand Choice of Millennials and Female Shoppers and several SKUs beat industry turns average. EarthKind is known as a disruptor in the category as a result of its successful commercialization of the first bio-based rodent repellent to meet Federal EPA standards for both safety and efficacy, resulting in the removal of the eight most toxic rodent bait and bars from retail shelves in 2015 after Fresh Cab & Stay Away Rodent became nationally available and affordable for anyone. These lines include repellents for ants, spiders, moths and beetles; plus a robust product pipeline exists that includes cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and more. Kari, EarthKind’s Founder and CEO, believes natural pesticides can be just as effective as traditional options, with new delivery systems, botanical formulations that meet Federal EPA standards, and design thinking that makes our product the #1 rated natural option in the category. EarthKind is a revolutionary, retail-ready brand with a fast growing consumer affinity.

2015 ND Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

2013 Earth-Kind ranked #2,712 on the Inc. 500/5000 list

2013 Top 3 U.S. Small Business by SBA 2013

SBA Small Business Person of the Year (ND) 2012

Ernst & Young Winning Woman