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Women's Leadership Program

The Women’s Leadership Program is an exceptional six month program dedicated to expanding the personal, pro­fessional, community and health leadership skills for women of all ages. Participants gain hands on experience through leadership exercises and a philanthropy challenge.

Women's Leadership Program - 2017 Greater Fargo Area

Application deadline May 8, 2017- click for more details.

Women's Leadership Program - Bismarck/Mandan

Applications have now closed for 2017.

Women's Leadership Program - Minot

Applications have now closed for 2017.

No matter your age, industry or past leadership experience - WLP is ready to challenge and inspire you to advance your leadership skills.

Join a statewide network of highly motivated and forward thinking women that are making a difference all across North Dakota.

Participants learn from top leaders in their community and each other on how to:

  • tackle adversity and challenges
  • build confidence
  • polish negotiation skills
  • take risks
  • build influence
  • instill trust
  • create a healthy balance
  • and so much more!

Most importantly, participants discover how to step outside their comfort zone to achieve growth and success.

Graduates have received top professional promotions, joined boards, pursued advanced degrees, started businesses, become mentors, increased their volunteerism and philanthropic efforts, and made connections that will last a lifetime.

"The Women's Leadership Program helped show me areas where I was strong (community involvement) and areas where I needed improvement (public speaking). I learned how to deal more effectively with different people and different personalities (I’m a green and needs lots of facts before committing to a decision). It presented strategies for managing personal and professional commitments, and how to weigh those choices. It left me with the confidence to reach beyond my comfort zone, because the worse someone can say is ‘No.’ And lastly, it provided a great network of women to turn to for guidance and camaraderie." - Cameon Eisenzimmer, 2013 Minot Women's Leadership Program Graduate

Session One - Leadership: Gain exceptional leadership skills by building a strong foundation of the fundamentals of leadership in personal, professional, community and health that will provide a solid basis of success for the upcoming sessions. 

Session Two - Personal Leadership: Maximize your personal leadership by learning to communicate and negotiate as a leader, focusing on your passion and learning to take risks. This session addresses personal leadership challenges and focuses on awareness, influence and communication strategies to be your best.

Session Three - Community Leadership: Learn how and why to get involved and what it takes to lead with purpose. This session explores mentorship, commitment to society, and how to earn your place as a community leader.

Session Four - Professional Leadership: Develop a demand for your professional worth by enhancing your personal brand, advancing your professional skills sets, and becoming more efficient by learning to ask for help and when to delegate. This session shows you not how to move up the ladder but how to create your own ladder to success.

Session Five - Health Leadership: Create a system for a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy balance of career and family responsibilities. This session will examine lifestyle choices that overcome challenges to leading a healthy and productive life.

Session Six - Leadership Graduation: The final session of training will include the 7 C’s of leadership, a speech from a class representative, and a keynote speaker on women’s leadership as well as a local woman business owner. This session will help you identify ways to take what you have learned over the past six months and move forward with becoming a top notch leader.

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors and Partners!

Founding Partner (Bismarck and Minot) - Michelle J. Wall, Dale Carnegie Business Group North Dakota

Supporting Partners - Small Business Administration and North Dakota Department of Commerce

Bismarck Room Sponsors - Bismarck Elks, Bismarck Mandan Chamber of Commerce and Great River Energy

Minot Room Sponsors - First International Bank & Trust, NDSU Extension Service and Souris Valley Suites

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors and Partners!

Founding Partner (Bismarck and Minot) - Michelle J. Wall, Dale Carnegie Business Group North Dakota

Supporting Partners - Small Business Administration and North Dakota Department of Commerce

Program Sponsor - Bush Foundation

Fargo Sponsor - Women's Fund of the FM Area Foundation

Bismarck Room Sponsors - Great River Energy and NISC

Minot Room Sponsors - NDSU Extension Service and Souris Valley Suites

Fargo Room Sponsors - Dakota Medical Foundation and University of Mary

Bismarck Graduation Table Sponsor - Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Minot Graduation Table Sponsors - First International Bank & Trust and Superior Nutrition Minot

Fargo Graduation Table Sponsors - Bell Bank, Bremer Bank, CoreLink Administrative Solutions, Eide Bailly T&D and Noridian Mutual Insurance Company

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