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Self Nomination - CTB Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award


CTB Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This exclusive award celebrates a unique entrepreneur demonstrating staying power, innovativeness, forward thinking and contributions to community.

*Must be the majority owner of a ND Certified Woman Owned Business. ND Woman Owned Business Certification status must be active with Center for Technology & Business at time of application and throughout selection process.

This form is for self nominations only, if you would like to submit a 3rd party nomination please click here.

Nominations are closed.

In evaluating the nomination packages, the judges will look at the following:

Evaluation/Selection Criteria for Self Nomination

1. Staying power (max 400 words) — detailed evidence of your proven business success and future sustainability, including any of the following:

  • Documentation of retention of or growth in number of employees
  • Explanation of expansion of business offerings or customer acquisition
  • Documentation of increase in sales and/or unit volume
  • Documentation of sustained or improved financial performance
  • Implementation plans for long term business strategy

2. Innovativeness of product or service offered (max 400 words) — an illustration of your creativity and imagination:

  • Specific description of uniqueness of product or service.
  • Explanation of how product or service fits a niche not being adequately addressed by the competition or in the community served.

3. Response to adversity or opportunity (max 400 words) —  examples of problems faced in your business and the methods used to solve them, for example:

  • Specific description of financial, physical, legal or other crisis
  • Substantiation of the threat to the continuity of the business
  • Defined actions taken by the nominee to resolve the crisis

Or examples of approach taken to capitalize on opportunities, for example:

  • Specific example of foresight in market or industry and process taken to benefit
  • Explanation of maximizing limited resources to grow business

4. Contributions to community (max 400 words) — evidence of the use of personal time and resources, including any of the following:

  • Listing of specific contributions of money, time, or resources to charitable causes
  • Membership in councils, boards and clubs providing support and services to the community
  • Testimonials from individuals nominee has provided mentorship to

5. Full color, high resolution digital head and shoulders photo of yourself
email to by midnight on October 18, 2017.

6. Maximum of 3 Supporting materials (letters of recommendation, copies of news articles, etc)
email to by midnight on October 18, 2017.

Award winner will be announced at the 2017 Women's Business Summit on October 30. If you have any questions about the award process please email or call 701-223-0707.