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2017 Women's Business Summit Breakouts


Click here for more information on the Women's Business Summit.

Breakfast with Entrepreneurs Panel

Maggie Barth - Innovation School
Laetitia Mizero Hellerud - UBUNTU Consulting
Carla Schwartzenberger - Razor Consulting Solutions
April Mettler - CC's Physical Therapy and The Studios
Sponsored by: Bush Foundation and North Dakota Department of Commerce

Moderated by Deidre Hillman - Center for Technology & Business

Kick off the day with an interactive breakfast to learn insights from a group of women who have “lived the life.” Hear about their beginnings, successes, challenges, and goals; and take the opportunity to ask them questions of your own. You are sure to walk away feeling inspired!


Amanda McKinnon - MSPIRE
Sponsored by: Berg's Towing

Have you ever found yourself watching other women from the sidelines or social media for that matter, and thought, “Wow, she’s so lucky! I could never do what’s she’s doing?” Cut the crap! She’s not lucky. She’s taking risks. She’s betting on and believing in, herself! Whether it’s a career change, launching a business, saying no to one more freaking volunteer request OR yes to the one you’ve been waiting for, only you can cultivate the confidence that will take you where you want to go. Amanda McKinnon will share her story on how she went from a bullied girl with a bad perm to a bodacious business woman who bet on herself. This will be a fun, no BS, collaborative session you won’t want to miss.

Crucial Conversations – Who needs to have one? Why they must happen. Why they need to happen.

Paula Graner - GHR Consulting
Sponsored by: City Air Mechanical

Over the years or throughout life at work and with loved ones we have all had conversations which turned into defining moments in our life. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a set of tools to guide us to greater success in holding these conversations? In this session, you will learn a few techniques to help guide these conversations in a positive light. You will also have an opportunity to practice your techniques to help ensure understanding.

Entrepreneurship Essentials

Lexi Preszler - Center for Technology & Business
Sponsored by: Inspired Woman Magazine

What is an entrepreneur? Do you think you are an entrepreneur? This session is going to delve deep into figuring out what the characteristics of an entrepreneur are, whether or not you have them, and what the essentials are to being a successful entrepreneur.

How To Create A *Killer* Marketing Strategy That Will Boost Results By 9,360%

Emma Tupa - CoSchedule
Sponsored by: Studio North

This isn’t your average breakout session on marketing strategy… this session is full of personal anecdotes, tactics, methods, hacks, processes, exercises, and frameworks that WORK. (They grew CoSchedule’s results by nearly 10,000%. Seriously.) Plus, you will leave with a marketing strategy you’ll actually — and realistically— execute.

How to Create a Memorable Elevator Speech

Mary Riesberg - Mary Riesberg Coaching
Sponsored by: Image Printing

Learn why you need an elevator speech - even if you are not currently working; how to craft a compelling, finely tuned elevator speech, and how a compelling elevator speech will attract the right people to you. You will leave with an elevator speech in hand and have the skills to quickly shift your words around for any situation.

Putting Your Personal P.O.W.E.R. to Work FOR You

Jodee Bock - Bock's Office Transformational Consulting
Sponsored by: Starion Bank

Your influence and impact as a leader will grow only to the extent you do. If you're not connected to your own personal POWER, you may find yourself forcing those relationships which will help and support that growth. Join us for this interactive and informative session which will unlock some of the secrets to standing for what you do believe in rather than fighting against what you don’t.

To Certify or Not To Certify?

Natasha Fedorova - Women's Business Development Center & Sherri Komrosky - U.S. Small Business Administration
Sponsored by: McQuade Distributing Co. Inc.

Do you want to learn more about how certifications can help grow your business? This session will help you identify if the federal Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) and national Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certifications are right for you.

Top Three Tax Tips for Women in Business

Tonya Holmstrom - Widmer Roel CPA & Trish Bauman - Bauman Financial
Sponsored by: Widmer Roel CPA

Do you often wonder if you are paying too much in taxes; if your business is even structured the way it should be; if you are capturing all of the financial benefits of being a business owner; if there is a way to put more into your own pocket and less into the pocket of the IRS? And how the heck can you “max out” your retirement plan anyway? Learn firsthand from two women in business as they narrow down the most common questions and concerns surrounding income taxes and making the most of your hard-earned dollar.