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2013 CTB Women's Business Summit

Click here for more information on the Women's Business Summit.

The CTB Women's Business Summit celebrates October as National Women's Small Business Month. Bringing together women from across North Dakota and the region for intense training, networking, business growth opportunities, personal development, professional focus, and of course…. fun! 

By pulling women together from all of North Dakota, this Summit creates a diverse network for women who want to grow both personally and professionally. We know that by leveraging women’s talents and resources we strengthen the individual as well as the collective.

Whether a professional in the workplace, a business owner, or simply a woman aspiring to improve herself, participants will find a variety of breakout sessions and activities to choose from featuring speakers from across the state of ND.

Here are a few comments from our 2013 Women's Business Summit

"Julie's story was remarkable. It was very inspiring to hear about such a success business woman. It's not too often we get to hear success stories about well-known products from the bottom all the way to the final success. She has had quite the roller coaster and was the perfect icon to hear from."

"Was a fun event!"

"I made great connections and will definitely come to this again! Thank you for all your work!"

"Enjoyed it very much. Inspiring. Uplifting. Thank you."

"This conference was even better than the first one. This has definitely become one of my "go-to" training sessions. I will definitely be recommending this to my female business colleagues."

"I really enjoyed the conference!"

"Thanks for a fun 2 days1 It was empowering to be surrounded by such positive, energetic women!"

"Great summit once again."

"It was a great summit. I hope to attend next year! Thanks!!"

"Awesome presentations, so glad I went to the Womens Business Summit!"

"What a super event! We came away with a ton of knowledge and great business contacts! Thank you for a SUPER Summit."

"Had a great time and learned a lot!"

"Can't wait until next year! Thank you for this unparalleled opportunity!"




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