Rural Development

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ND Rural Development Council


The ND Rural Development Council seeks to assist in the development of rural North Dakota communities by creating a mechanism for collaboration of leaders across the state. We encourage citizens working within the federal, state, local and tribal governments and the private and nonprofit sectors to apply for the Council to assist in the planning and implementation of programs and policies that have an impact on rural North Dakota. 

On Dec 4, 2017, Governor Burgum's Office announced the ND Rural Development Council is to reconvened.

Current Members

Luke Anderson, Term Ends 3/31/2019
Gwendolyn Crawford, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Jay Doan, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Teran Doerr, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Antoinette Heier,  Term Ends 3/31/2019
Dawn Keeley, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Megan Laudenschlager, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Lindsey Lipp, Term Ends 3/31/2019
Janne Myrdal, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Jay Schuler, Commerce Commissioner
Joyce "Jt" ShiningOne Side, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Daniel Stenberg, Term Ends 3/31/2020
Shawn Wenko, Term Ends 3/31/2019