Rural Development

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ND Rural Development Council


North Dakota Rural Development Council (ND RDC) is North Dakota’s chapter of the National Rural Development Partnership Program. The Council is an active partnership uniting the state’s private and non-profit sectors and state, federal, local and tribal governments in an effort to strengthen rural America.


To strengthen rural North Dakota’s capacity for growth, the council works to connect private and non-profit sectors of local, state, federal, tribal and community-based organizations to resolve or eliminate overlapping services through communication and cooperation.

Our state council works to:

  • Facilitate collaboration among federal, state, local, and tribal governments and the private and nonprofit sectors in the planning and implementation of programs and policies that have an impact on rural areas of the state
  • Monitor, report, and comment on policies and programs that address, or fail to address, the needs of the rural areas of the state
  • Facilitate the development of strategies to reduce or eliminate conflicting or duplicative administrative or regulatory requirements of federal, state, local, and tribal governments


  • Strengthen all North Dakotan’s abilities to determine the future
  • Assist communities in determining and implementing local development objectives
  • Maximize limited resources through networks that help existing programs work effectively
  • Foster innovative solutions that eliminate barriers for rural development efforts
  • Create a communication network to unify public and private sector stakeholders
  • Develop relationships among rural citizens and all aspects of government
  • Ensure that benefits are widely shared among all rural citizens
  • Provide a forum through which pertinent issues, projects and activities are acted upon

Keys to Success

Collaboration & Coordination are the Keys to maximize limited resources. No one agency is in control of the council’s direction. Regular succinct meetings keep members up to date on available, resources, needs and activities

Council Members

  • Gaylon Baker, Stark Co. Development Corporation
  • Scott Davis, ED Indian Affairs Commission
  • Joel Erickson, Bank of North Dakota
  • Doug Goehring, Commissioner - ND Department of Agriculture
  • Paul Govig, Department of Commerce
  • Pete Haga, City of Grand Forks
  • Deb Kantrud, South Central Dakota Regional Council
  • Jolene Kline, ND Housing Finance Agency
  • Diane Schwandt, Rolette Co. Tax Equalization
  • Elda Titus, NCC Ray Telecommunications Cooperative
  • Dale VanEckhout, Senior Area Manager - Small Business Administration
  • Cherie Harms, President - Leonardite Products LLC

Standing Guests

  • Josh Kramer, Community Program Specialist - USDA Rural Development



701-223-0707 or

2720 East Broadway 
Bismarck ND 58501