Rural Development

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As part of our rural outreach initiative, Center for Technology & Business keeps a pulse on issues effecting housing in North Dakota. Center for Technology & Business staff regularly attends ND Housing Roundtables and can connect you with the proper point of contact for your housing needs.

Quick links for Housing Information

North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund
The North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund (HIF) is a means for developing affordable multifamily housing by incentivizing private investment. The fund is capitalized by contributions from state income and financial institution taxpayers. Contributors receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit that may be fully claimed in the year their contribution is made to the fund. Contributors can target their contributions to a specific project, community or area so their funds support their community needs.

North Dakota Housing Finance Agency
The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency is a public financial institution dedicated to making housing affordable for all North Dakotans. The Agency facilitates affordable mortgage financing, assures the continued availability of low-income rental housing, and seeks to provide for the state’s changing housing needs.