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Personal Branding Lunch and Learn


Center for Technology & Business is hosting a Lunch and Learn training on Personal Branding at the Dakota Medical Foundation Event Center on September 25. The event is sponsored by US Bank and open to the public.

A strong personal brand can help you never have to look for another job or client again - be the person in demand that everyone wants to work with! 

Your personal brand is a reflection of how people perceive you and what you are known for. Whether you're a business owner or not, a strong personal brand and professional image is important for professional success.

In this Lunch and Learn we'll discuss how you can leverage the same strategies that make corporate brands appealing and build brand equity just like companies do. We'll dive into making the most of your web presence and developing a reputation as an expert in your industry.

Registration fee of $10 includes lunch.

Pre-registration required, register by 5pm on September 23.

Register for Event

*US Bank Employees Please Click Here to Register Separately