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ND Businesses Go Virtual and Explore the Cloud


Participants of the Business Technology Acceleration Program received training in Virtual Information Technology and Cloud Usage. Participants gained an understanding of the concept of Cloud management for business success, including cost savings over traditional information technology management and capacity for a mobile and remote workforce. Hands on training in exploring Cloud use and new business solutions such as Microsoft 365 was led by North River IT out of Bismarck.

The July workshop is the fifth of six technology trainings being held in Southwest North Dakota by Center for Technology & Business (CTB). Local businesses in Bowman and Dickinson are benefitting from these hands on workshops made possible by a Rural Business Opportunity Grant CTB received from USDA Rural Development, with local programming support from the Strom Center and Bowman County Development Corporation.

Thanks to the grant, CTB was also able to purchase a mobile technology lab featuring Microsoft Surface tablets that aides in providing the hands on training of essential business technologies to the participants.

Participants also had the opportunity to win great door prizes thanks to the Microsoft Community Connections program.

There is just one workshop left and local businesses can still register for only $10.

August: Mobile POS Systems and Accepting Electronic Payments with Center for Technology & Business

To register, visit or call 701-223-0707.