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Inspiring Women doing GREAT things in North Dakota

Announcing Diva Connection


Diva Connection is a non-profit organization that CONNECTS women who aspire to GIVE their Time, Talent and Donations with women who are yearning to RECEIVE the fulfillment they need in the areas of Personal Support, Health Enhancement, and Career Empowerment. We offer a safe environment for women to connect and create opportunities that will lead to healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Diva Connection exists to connect women who are able to help each other achieve their dreams, but may otherwise never meet. At, women can place a free online "ad" asking for assistance in any area of their lives. Other women can offer mentorship, money or goods to help that woman reach her potential. 
As another service to our members, women from various professions in the community monitor the website weekly. They provide suggestions to women looking to start a small business, apply for a school loan, buy a house, pick a doctor, find childcare... you name it! 
The success of Diva Connection Foundation is not measured by grand gifts given to few but by the small gifts that make a woman a powerful force in her family and community.


For more information visit
Contact Diva Connection
101 5th Street North
Fargo, ND 58102