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Angie's List Recognizes City Air Mechanical

One of Six Companies Recognized Nationally

From Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List

It’s National Small Business Week across the nation, but it’s always small business week at Angie’s List.

Most of the companies rated on Angie’s List fit the federal description of a small business, and we’re really happy that they’re the subject of celebration. You might not think about how your local hiring decisions and reporting about their work affects this group of companies, but I can assure you that it can literally make or break them.

I can’t tell you how many great stories I’ve heard over the years about how Angie’s List members have helped quality small businesses survive and even flourish. One of the stories I hold closest to my heart came from a roofer who told me he was working out of his truck when he received his first report on Angie’s List. He’d earned an A and that report led to another job, which led to another job and hundreds after that.

His consistently good service, and his customers who told others about it, allowed him to get back on his feet. Today, his business is hugely successful, but he hasn’t forgotten how important customer service is. His focus on that has allowed him to be a great employer and to contribute positively to his local economy – like so many other small businesses across the country.

Here at Angie’s List, we spend most of our outreach time giving consumers the scoop on trends and issues that affect them. We get that information from the reports they leave, the searches they make and also from keeping in close contact with the service companies themselves. We’re always checking in with them to identify trends, check research and just to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s really going on out there.

Our interaction and ability to help small businesses led us to earn the honor of the U.S. Small Business Administration asking us to help them celebrate these great employers and service providers.

This week in Washington, D.C., the agency is celebrating nearly 60 company representatives who were chosen by the SBA as Small Business Person of the Year from their home state or territory. The SBA considered a broad range of business products, services and innovations, many of which focus on areas not yet graded on Angie’s List – food and beverage makers, a bus manufacturer, a machine parts miller and a trade show producer for example. Six of the Small Business Persons of the Year, though, have also earned high grades on Angie’s List. And one of them could be named the National Small Business Person of the year. Naturally, I’m rooting for the national winner to be one of the companies with an A grade on Angie’s List.

They are:

The state winners have demonstrated their staying power as an established, credible business with sustainability and growth potential. The companies are innovative, deal well with adversity and challenges and still manage to give back to their community.

We profiled the six companies I mentioned above, but you can read about all the SBA winners and follow along with the news in Washington, D.C. this week by visiting the SBA’s website at

We are happy to join with the SBA to celebrate these companies, and to highlight the importance they play in each of their communities. If you’ve found a great contractor or professional service provider through Angie’s List, chances are it was a small business. Need another reason to submit that report you’ve been holding off on? Think about what it can do for your local small businesses.