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Smartt Interior Construction wins two awards at global tech construction leader’s annual summit


FARGO, ND: Smartt Interior Construction won best small business and sales person at DIRTT Environmental Solutions’ annual Partner event in Scottsdale, AZ for 2018. DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time. The company is the leader in the digital construction field. DIRTT’s leadership team awarded Smartt for their fearless approach and success in bringing clean, safe and fast custom construction to the Dakotas region.

“Everyone needs construction and everyone hates going through construction,” says Smartt’s Paula Klein, winner of DIRTT’s 2018 Champion award. “It’s really a calling for us rather than a job. It’s incredible to give people the chance to use intelligent virtual reality that lets them not only visualize their interior design, but build and price it in the moment.”

DIRTT is a $300+ million business with clients all over North America and is producing hospital interiors for the Middle East. They are so far the only player in the design and construction industry able to make prefab infinitely customizable while delivering a complete project in less than four weeks. Their employees refer to themselves as DIRTTbags.

“Our clients here in the Dakotas are so amazed by this clean and fast construction,” says Smartt team member Thora Bunke. “When it then comes in on budget to the penny, they actually proclaim they too are DIRTTbags!”

“Frankly, while the end results are always amazing,” says Klein. “People love seeing the way we can integrate tech into the physical space and how it is kept accessible when things change. But if you get a chance to see the whole process – that’s the game-changer.”

DIRTT provides a videogame experience for clients and their design teams to create, price and modify their interior designs. It produces a live 3D flythrough for them to explore their space. Once they are happy with the budget and price, that design feeds the DIRTT production floors directly.

Precisely manufactured and assembled walls, doors, power outlets and data boxes arrive on-site and quickly connected together. The rest of the subtrades work quickly in a wide-open space while the DIRTT is manufactured. Conventional construction waste accounts for 22% of all landfill; but DIRTT results in virtually zero material waste for the local landfills.

“We’re proud to accept these awards,” says Klein. “It gives us even more enthusiasm for what we’re doing for our community.”