IDEA Center

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Office Space and Conference Room Rentals


The IDEA Center building offers flexible, segregated office space to accommodate growing entrepreneurial businesses. The IDEA Center building offers a 6000 square-foot-facility designed for collaboration. There is lease space available at a reduced rate, which allows clients to retain capital through the start-up and growth phase. Think of it as financial aid for entrepreneurs. The lease rates progressively increase enabling the business to become accustomed to paying market rates, setting them up for real world expenditures. There are two conference spaces, multiple offices that vary in size, as well as co-working stations. The facility offers a full kitchen, high speed internet, and when needed reception services.

Shipping and Receiving
The IDEA Center staff accepts shipments Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., offering convenience to entrepreneurs who are in and out of the office.

Common Use Equipment and Space
IDEA Center building tenants have access to common-use equipment including desks, printers, scanners, presentation equipment and a full kitchen with appliances. Access to these resources allows companies in the early stage of the business to preserve capital and focus on revenue generating results. 

Customer Service Reception Services
We understand that early-stage companies may need customer service support. The team offers customer service and reception services to incubating clients.

Phone System
The IDEA Center building utilizes a VOIP phone system that allows multi-user interface, voicemail, the perception of different lines based on roles and responsibilities, call forwarding, and more. With this system, clients can easily route calls from the office to their mobile device, home office or voicemail. This service gives client companies the flexibility and mobility required to maintain professionalism and accessibility in an affordable environment.

Conference Room Rental 
Tenants and non-tenants are eligible for reserving either of the two conference room spaces. 

For cost and availability call 701-223-0707 or email