Crash Course

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Host a Crash Course


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Responsibilities of Host School:

  • Promote event through various marketing platforms; including displaying provided posters, mailing fliers to students and families, announcing in school newsletters and over the PA system, coordinating school organization to make phone calls to families
  • Encourage 100% participation from your 7-12 grade student body as well as participation from surrounding communities
  • Provide use of school facilities at no charge for Crash Course event, ensure that facilities are properly prepared for speakers and presentations
  • Coordinate student volunteers for assistance with sign in and serving meal
  • Assist CTB with coordinating dinner at event

If you are a school counselor and would like to learn more about how to bring Crash Course to your school, please complete the following application form.

*Please note that preference will be given to schools in communities where Crash Course has not previously been hosted.