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Bank of North Dakota College Planning Center
Bank of North Dakota College Planning Center is a free service providing you with important resources, tools, links and other information that will make your jump to higher education easier. BND College Planning Center gives you an organized and simple way to navigate the challenges of accessing college and learning more about your options. It doesn’t matter if you are going to attend school in North Dakota or somewhere else, we can help answer your most challenging college-related questions. Start planning for college now by browsing this site.

BND College Planning Center provides resources to parents, students, counselors and financial aid administrators at North Dakota’s public, private and tribal schools. Contact us for information about early awareness for students of all ages, scholarship opportunities, college and career planning and much more. You also may request free brochures, onsite presentations and quick answers by phone or e-mail. For more information, call BND College Planning Center toll-free at (800) 554-2717 (locally at 328-5835).

ND Department of Career and Technical Education
The mission of the State Board for Career and Technical Education is to work with others to provide all North Dakota citizens with the technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a globally competitive workplace.

ND Department of Commerce Youth Forward
Youth Forward is anything and everything that connects people ages 14-24 to a future in North Dakota. It’s easy to overlook opportunities in your own state when you don’t know they exist. Youth Forward works to promote jobs, entertainment, education, and more opportunities for youth looking to stay in North Dakota. We reach out to youth in variety of ways – especially through social networks where young people are already interacting. We’re like your new BFF.

ND Department of Public Instruction
The Superintendent of Public Instruction is required to enforce all state statutes and federal regulations pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of public schools and related programs, supervise the ND Schools for the Deaf and Blind, and the State Library, operate the Department of Public Instruction efficiently and effectively, expand the delivery options that increase educational opportunities for all North Dakota citizens, evaluate and communicate educational policy and vision to all North Dakota residents and serve as an advocate for adequate financial resources to support public education.