Crash Course

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Crash Course

Prepare for Life After High School

Get ready for college, discover job opportunities and learn how to pay for school.

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Crash Course is an exciting program where students in grades 7-12 and their families learn financial aid and FAFSA information along with other topics such as job opportunities, RUReadyND, scholarships, and college planning. Crash Course includes the rural host community as well as towns within approximately 60 miles. The events are free to attend with drawings for a free laptop and tablet.


Financial Aid

Bank of North Dakota College Planning Center

  • Paying for school
  • FAFSA questions for seniors
  • Responsible borrowing

Careers in North Dakota

ND Department of Commerce

  • Training for the future
  • Exploring high demand careers
  • Preparing for a career

Ready for College


  • Career exploration
  • Course planning
  • Test preparation

Life After High School

Center for Technology & Business

  • Explanation of different degrees
  • College budgeting
  • Questions about college

ND State Scholarships

ND Department of Public Instruction
Career and Technical Education

  • ND Academic Scholarship
  • ND Career and Technical Scholarship


Center for Technology & Business

  • Next steps after high school
  • Resources for start ups
  • Finding mentors