Crash Course

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Crash Course is a FREE event for parents, students and educators to get ready for college, discover job opportunities and learn how to pay for school. 

Students in grade 7-12, Parents, Educators and Adult Students from any school district are welcome to attend any Crash Course session of their choice.

Must register at least 1 week prior to event to guarantee a spot and materials.

October 24: Registration is now closed for Turtle Lake/Mercer High School

October 25: Registration is now closed for Drake/Anamoose High School

November 3: Registration is now closed for New England High School

November 14: Registration is now closed for Park River Area High School

November 15: Registration is now closed for Wyndmere School

November 21: Registration is now closed for South Heart Public School

November 22: Registration is now closed for Nedrose High School

December 1: Click to register for Ray High School

February 28, 2017: Click to register for Gackle Streeter Public School

Alexander High School - postponed until further notice