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About Us

Create an entrepreneurial environment, inspire innovation, and develop business leaders throughout North Dakota.


Center for Technology & Business (CTB) is a 501(c)(3) founded in 1999 in Bismarck, North Dakota. Our initial goal was to develop simplified computer materials for use in rural small businesses and to teach business owners to utilize technology as a business tool. Since that time, nearly 40,000 rural North Dakotans have learned how to use computers, hooked up to the Internet, and significantly increased rural employment options. The economic impact to the state and our rural communities has been phenomenal!

Over the last nineteen years, CTB has grown to facilitate many diverse programs based on technology and business development needs across North Dakota.

Our programming includes:

North Dakota Women's Business Center


CTB operates the North Dakota Women's Business Center, a partnership funded by the US Small Business Administration and the ND Department of Commerce. Many services are provided through this program including free one-on-one business advising services and North Dakota Women Owned Business Certification

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IDEA Center


The IDEA Center is one of four Certified Entrepreneurial Centers in North Dakota. The Incubator for Developing Entrepreneurial Activity (IDEA) Center provides specialty services and guidance to inventors and product based entrepreneurs, helping them attain economical solutions for research & development, prototyping and taking a product from idea to market. The IDEA Center originally operated as an independent organization and officially became a program under the umbrella of CTB in October 2015. 

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North Dakota Women Owned Business Certification


WOB Certification stands for Woman Owned Business Certification and denotes that a woman (or women) has majority ownership and control of a business entity (at least 51%). WOB Certification is not based on company size, number of employees, or profitability. This certification is conducted by Center for Technology & Business who is solely authorized by the ND Department of Commerce to examine the applicants’ documentation and qualify the applicant for status as a Certified Women Owned Business in the State of North Dakota.

Women's Leadership Program


The Women’s Leadership Program is an intense six month program dedicated to expanding the personal, pro­fessional, community and health leadership skills for women of all ages. Throughout the program participants hear from over 20 top leaders from North Dakota and beyond that guide and challenge the women to take the next steps in their leadership development. Participants gain hands on experience through leadership exercises and a philanthropy challenge.

Women's Business Summit


The CTB Women's Business Summit celebrates October as National Women's Small Business Month. Bringing together women from across North Dakota and the region for intense training, networking, business growth opportunities, personal development, professional focus, and of course…. fun! 

Leading Ladies Luncheons


Center for Technology & Business holds two Leading Ladies Luncheons annually to Celebrate Women’s History Month featuring women panelists representing a variety of historic roles in the state. The luncheons honor women who have made an impact on the history of North Dakota.

Business Technology Acceleration Program


Throughout the program, participants hear from top business and technology experts that guide and challenge participants to take the next steps in developing strategic solutions for business growth through accelerated technology training. Participants benefit from personalized attention and individual business analysis as well as group exercises and trainings on a mobile technology lab.

North Dakota Rural Development Council


CTB facilitates the Rural Development Council by providing a forum and network through which issues, projects and activities pertinent to rural residents are acted upon.

North Dakota Young Professionals Network


CTB coordinates NDYP, a statewide network dedicated to advancing opportunities for young professionals across North Dakota. This program also facilitates the Great Plains Young Professionals Summit, held annually in North Dakota.

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Center for Technology & Business is a member of the Association of Women's Business Centers.